This page was compiled [and is now archived] by Felicia Chavez for participants at the…

2019 Global Leadership Summit

Imagine the possibilities if we knew who was doing what across all 17 (18) Global Goals in our local area?

Click the image below to view a live draft of what a local SDG website could look like (with three examples pages built out): SDG Marin.

Inspired by a systems thinking group called Theory U (MIT), how can we help our local system to “raise the level of consciousness in the system”; to help it to “sense and see itself”? We propose a book written in partnership across all Global Goals focused on our local area. How is Marin County doing with regard to #1 No Poverty, and who is working to reduce poverty in Marin County? How is that going? How can the average citizen contribute to that effort? Etc.

Mockup of Dear Marin proposed book

If you have an interest in bringing these initiatives to your local chapter, please contact me.

Just released! One of the foremost intellectuals of our time, Fritjof Capra (systems thinker, author of The Tao of Physics and 15 other books) discusses the critical importance for leaders and SDG proponents to develop systems thinking and what he calls “eco-literacy.” Put on your thinking cap.

“What we are concerned with here is how to connect the dots.” ~ Fritjof Capra