Can Marin County meet the United Nation’s

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by 2030?

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We stand for social equity, and environmental and economic sustainability for all in Marin County!

This web page is a joint effort between Systems Thinking Marin (STM) and the Marin County chapter of the United Nations Association (UNA).

  1. You can contact the UNA via the website, and either sign up on the newsletter list, or send an email. There are opportunities to join the SDG awareness committee, attend events, and otherwise get to know who in Marin cares about the SDGs.
  2. You can contact Felicia Chavez at STM to get the nitty-gritty on how this project came about, and all the myriad ways you can help, including co-sponsoring this project, adopting your corresponding SDG, tracking progress, and oh-so-much-more.

P.S. Make it a project to read the full text of the September 25, 2015 U.N. General Assembly document here. It’s the culmination of the single largest grassroots effort in the history of humanity, stating what our aspirations are as a species.

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SDG Goal 10 Reduced Inequalities
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Help Wanted

The United Nations is primarily a collaboration of national governments. However, recognizing the imperative for locally-based SDG involvement, there is a framework provided for “sub-national” SDG “voluntary local reporting.”

Contact us to help move this project forward.

Send a Letter of Support for the SDGs to Your Local Elected Officials

Local Elected Official Contact Info

Marin County Supervisors

(You can either call, email as a group using the “Email Us” button at the top of the page, or individual supervisors using the corresponding forms provided.)

City of Novato – City Council

(Email all members using the email, or individual emails as on the contact page, linked above.)

City of San Rafael – City Council

(Link above takes you to the whole council; click here for individuals.)

City of Mill Valley – City Council

(Click hyperlinks for individual names, or email all at

City of Sausalito – City Council

(Click on the hyperlinks for their names, or email all at

Sample Letter


TO: [Elected Official, Address]

Dear [Elected Official Name]:

I am writing you today to encourage you to actively work toward Marin County meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of 2030. In addition to vigorously meeting the challenges of climate change and having a healthy environment, I feel strongly that there should be no poverty, no hunger, and good health and well-being for all in Marin. As an extraordinarily wealthy county, we can afford to set a positive example for the world by meeting the Global Goals, enthusiastically and on schedule.

As a first step, please consider educating yourself and your staff about the Global Goals. You can contact the local United Nations Association of Marin County to find out more.

The SDGs represent the highest aspirations of the global human community. Please consider getting Marin County actively involved in helping to meet them, first and foremost for our residents, workers, and local environment.


[Name] [Physical address (and mailing address if different)]

The SDGs Are Interrelated

Check out this uniquely helpful video that illustrates the interrelatedness of the SDGs.

Produced by Gapminder.

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